How modern TV uses social networks to promote the show

Recently I watched a BBC Mini-serious Sherlock Holmes(2010,3 episodes), God I loved it so much, it translated Sherlock Holmes to modern times and you can still find all the plots from the book. It was amusing and clever at the same time. I thought the movie (Sherlock Holmes 2009) was good but this is way better. Because the show was so popular, BBC has booked next season for 6 episodes.

Now what drawn attention to me is how they promoted their show on BBC website( ) .

I don’t really go to TV shows website so I was browsing through random fandom forum, and some posts motioned about the characters from the show actually have blog and posted regularly from the show. When I say characters, I meant Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and etc.

For example, Sherlock Holmes has a website from the show called”
Sherlock’s site – The Science of Deduction (

which he updates regularly in the show; John Watson has a blog (

which he was told to write something would makes him better from the nightmares and legs from the war by his psychiatrist. If you have time to observe their conversations, it is amusing and makes you feel like the characters are living in the real life and making a daily conversation. The words they’ve used are exactly the same from the show and there’re also clues and answers between the pages. The audience are able to discover more of the characteristics of each character and hidden plot. Then they’ll want to get back the show watch it again just looking out for details this time.(Might be a way for customer to buy DVD)

Messages left by the characters from the show, if you’ve watched it, you can guess their real name by the tone and contents of the message.

Sherlock’s site – The Science of Deduction

Just a note, Harry Watson is doctor watson’s sister.
Sherlock is bablling about details again.
Sherlock’s room is massy and full of the thing he think is important, Dr. Watson was just saying in the post “Oh, and just so you know, I’ve had a good tidy of the flat. Thrown out lots of junk. The place is spotless now.”
I think sherlock is worried “You wouldn’t dare…”

All of these further extended my interest of the show, it is so fascinating to see your beloved show to expand itself. One of the best ways to promote tv show is to through their fan basis. This builds up a bridge between the show and its fans which means the producers of the TV shows are taking initiative of increasing and interact with audience activities compares to before doing nothing and went along with it.

Life goes on.
The Science Of Deduction.